Reloaders Love the GRIP-N-PULL

"I used to have a Hornady puller die with the collets for each size. It was a pain to set up for the two or three I pull each session. Grip-N-Pull is much faster and simpler." ~ Cory A.

"Just wanted to give a quick review. I will admit that it took me a couple times to get the hang of it. But once I pulled about six 357 bullets I was pulling them apart faster than the guy on the Grip N Pull Every one was usable and looked just as they did new. The Grip N Pull is far faster than my RCBS puller could ever be… So far with 357, 45acp and 9mm I have had great success with this product." ~ Billy C

"Bought one of these and it is the best puller I have found!" ~ BillP

"This is a lot easier and cleaner than using a kinetic puller. There’s hardly nothing to setting this thing up… After using a kinetic puller for a while, this is well worth it IMHO. I am already spoiled, and plan on buying the other models in the future." ~ Art Miller

"I think the Grip-n-pull is priced well if you compare it to the collet puller that costs $30 + $10-15 for each collet. The Grip-n-pull will do 9 different calibers on the small rifle alone. It works so much faster than a collet puller and especially the inertia pullers. The Grip-n-pull is the coolest thing to come out in a long time. It works so much better than the inertia puller." ~ 6.5guy

"Smooth, comfortable bullet extractions with very minimal defect to the bullets. 300 RUM to 338 RUM…flawless everytime." ~ Doublezranch

"This is a well thought out, well designed, well made bullet pulling tool. Not a rehash of existing technology but a whole new way of pulling bullets. And it’s darn handy and much more convenient than what I’ve been using for many years. It’s made of the correct material. Workmanship is first class. The tool is KISS at its finest. It is a completely new and innovative tool and excels when compared with impact and collet type pullers. Setup is nearly instantaneous. There is no spilled powder and the pulled bullet doesn’t stick in the collet. In short it is handy, fast and does the job well." ~ royinidaho

"I got a pair of the Grip N Pull and they worked great on some old ammo I needed to pull….I’ve used them on 357, 9mm, and 45acp..all jacketed. I messed up the first few bullets but after I got a feel for it I managed to save all the bullets for reuse with no markings at all…" ~ Weaponologist

"Ive got one, its great. I bought the single pistol unit and it does all I need. much quicker and no mess." ~ constrictor

"These are great. I have them all. Every loader needs a set." ~ Brian T.

"I have one. Super fast." ~ Curtis

"Nice. No collets or extra crap laying around. I like it." ~ Mark Loveland

"Wow what a great idea. The inertia hammers are a pain." ~ ShawnT